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St Mary's bbey Church


St Mary’s, Abbey Green is in the Deanery of Nuneaton, Diocese of Coventry and situated in the north west of the borough. We seek to flourish  within the life and structures of the Church of England, and to make our full  contribution to Christ's mission in the Coventry Diocese.

St Mary’s promotes and maintains catholic teaching and practice within the Church of England.

We are under the Episcopal care of the Bishop of Ebbsfleet.

Our aim is to be an open welcoming community. A place in which a person may have an encounter with the living God, his Son Jesus Christ in the breaking of the bread, and the Holy Spirit who sanctifies.


         Our Priests

Father Mark Liddell
Father Brian Regan
Father Tom
For many people life is anything but beautiful. To those people Jesus says, “Do not be afraid.” As sisters and brothers in the Lord, we are to bring his compassion to our world.

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 HERITAGE of the Abbey Church

The Abbey says  ‘Who do you think you are?

As part of Heritage Open Days each year the Abbey Church of St Mary the Virgin, Manor Court Road, Nuneaton is continuing to compile an archive of church life and the people involved in it from 1874 to the present day. 

Have you and your family got links to the Abbey?  Family baptisms, confirmations, weddings?  Were you a member of Sunday School, Youth Club, Guides, Brownies, Scouts, Cubs? 

What memories do you have of events at the church or people there? 

Did you take part in the 1955 Pageant?  or have you any photos of events and people?

We are especially seeking copies of the plans/architects drawings of the Clapton Rolfe build of 1876 and Harold Brakespear builds of 1906-1930

The materials so far collected and the gift of artefacts linked to the church and parish have inspired the project. We are recording and storing as much information as possible about our church and parish from 1850 to the present day in as well as the the history of the Abbey from its earliest days.

Part 1  covers the start of planning to rebuild the church and the first two vicars.
Part 2  covers the next period to 1903
Part 3  Includes histories of the stained glass and donated items.

Thanks to Sally Ann Veasey and Wendy Williams for their help with this section.

Jan Bradbury

 Heritage Open day - 2016

Among the visitors on the 11th September were Nuneaton Mayor Cllr Jill Shepherd and her husband pictured below with Jan Bradbury.



The book From Eaton to Nuneaton. A History of St. Mary's Abbey by EA Veasey has been updated and reprinted. This is an excellent full colour publication which can be purchased in church. If you would like to be sent a copy by post please make a donation of £5.00 through the Donations page adding "Eaton to Nuneaton" in the messsage box.